Different demands for power throughout your home or business produces a nonproductive current that puts strain on your appliances, wiring, and outlets. This current translates into wasted energy you pay for that shows up on your power bill month after month. The ElectroBox makes the best of this wasted energy and channels it to run your electronics and appliances more efficiently, lowering your energy bill, decreasing the chance of electrical fires, reducing wasted electricity, and increasing the life span of your electric equipment by up to 50%

Who wouldn’t want to save money on their energy bill? Why waste hard earned money on power that is otherwise wasted? Due to higher demands, California’s energy companies are raising energy prices by 7% EVERY YEAR! This translates to your energy bill going up by DOUBLE in 10 short years--given you still use only the same amount of energy you currently use. For example, if your bill is currently $100 per month, by the end of 10 years, it translates to over $200 per month! Installing The ElectroBox can reduce this energy bill by up to 25%.

✓ Backed by the U.S. Department of Energy

✓ Helps your home become more energy-efficient

✓ The ElectroBox is backed by a 20-year warranty

✓ We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee